What to expect on Sundays

What to expect on Sundays

It can sometimes be a bit daunting to walk into an unfamiliar building for the first time. What can you expect at St Nicholas?

- You will be greeted warmly at the door by the welcomers.

- There are bibles in the pews and seats and all the words are on screen. You don't have to bring anything.

- You also don't have to give anything. No collection is taken up during the service and there's no pressure to give money.

- You can sit anywhere you feel comfortable (the welcomers will help you if you are not sure where to go) and you don't need to wear anything special.

- The service will begin promptly and last for a little over an hour.

- The service will be led by members of the clergy, members of staff or people from the congregation. They will:

- It will be very obvious to you when to sit or stand, and what to do when. You will be part of a congregation, so you can just follow everyone else. We often have visitors, so it's perfectly possible to come to a Sunday service and be as anonymous as you want. However, we'd love to meet you if you are visiting.

- There are services of the Lord's Supper or communion, when Christians eat bread and drink wine as symbols of Jesus dying for their sins. If you are not a believer you are very welcome at these services - though it is best you should not take the bread and wine. Just let them pass you by without embarrassment, as others will do.

- At the end of the service there are some refreshments, to which you are warmly invited.

- We’d love you to stay and meet some members of the church family – if you’d like to.