Frontlines MSG

The Frontlines Mission Shaped Group (MSG), launched in January 2016, grasps that our daily frontline is our primary God-given context for mission and so we prayerfully seek to live and speak for Christ where He’s already placed us.

The primary aim of the Frontlines MSG is to equip and envision each other to share our hope in Christ with those colleagues and friends with whom we spend most of our time. We also want to have on our agenda the importance of valuing our daily work and growing our character in Christlikeness. 

Key to this equipping and envisioning will be meeting Tuesday evenings with the aim of keeping personal evangelism on each of our agendas: Download Frontliners MSG

  • Praying specifically, persistently and expectantly each week
  • Equipping one another – using Bible-based resources in skills in conversational evangelism and apologetics to grow in confidence and clarity in engaging with unbelievers where they are at
  • Encouraging one another on – spurring each other on to go for it

So far in Frontlines we’ve covered:
Spring term 2016: LICC Life on the Frontline
Summer term 2016: Titus and a Basic Theology of Work
Autumn term 2016: Uncover John
Spring term 2017: Jonah
Summer term 2017: Life Explored
Autumn term 2017: James
Spring term 2018: Hosea
Summer term 2018: Discipleship Explored

Each term we join up with the other Mission-Shaped Groups to welcome a guest speaker to help us unpack a topical contemporary issue.  We’ve also been pub carolling, done a Christian heritage walk of the City, and enjoyed the occasional bbq!    

Useful resources:
Lunchtime mid-week meetings across London:
LICC, with a passion for whole-life discipleship:
RZIM, training in every-day apologetics:
Uncover, encouraging 1-1 bible reading with a friend:
Ambassadors 2020, a vision for a Church for London that is Christ-centred and outward looking:
Christian Heritage London:

If you would like to become involved please contact Edward Veale or Antonia Jackson via the form below.